Google Ads New Update: Google Keyword Planner gets a new feature

Google Ads New Update: For some advertisers, there’s a new automated ad group feature available in the Keyword Planner tool.

Google Ads New Update: Technically, the new capability was made available to users in 2021, but only to a select few. However, Google is currently gradually rolling out a feature called “Organise terms into ad groups.” 

What Google says. Google confirmed the new feature in a statement today:

You could always manually choose to add keywords to ad groups (manually picking which ones to add where). This feature adds the ability to use an automated machine learning system where we suggest which ad groups are the best ones for the keywords, instead of you manually doing the placement. |


Google Ads New Update should hopefully save advertisers time and effort if they have thousands of keywords/ad groups to sift through. The ability to manually add keywords still exists.

Why do we care?

By distributing keywords into pertinent ad groups automatically, this new function seeks to save advertisers’ time. Use caution, though, as with most automation. Test, evaluate, and make required adjustments that help us as a PPC company in Noida.

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