Google announces 4 new features for Discovery ad users

With new assets, reporting, and targeting, new Discovery ad capabilities should aid advertisers in getting an early start on the holiday season.

Google announces New features In Ads

Google announces: Users of Google Discovery ads may begin to notice a few new features today. According to Google, the purpose of these features is to help maintain consumer interest during the next holiday season. New features include:

  • Better ad experiences
  • Improved creative support
  • New insights
  • Enhanced campaign management

Better ad experiences

Google claims that by incorporating deeper details, such as product photos and pricing, they are working to make ad experiences in the Gmail Social and Promotions tabs more browseable. To match the asset to the appropriate audience at the appropriate moment, they will also apply machine learning.

Improved creative support

Rebuilt is the onboarding process for building Discovery advertising. Advertisers will be prompted to add more aspect ratios, distinctive headlines, and text overlays over photos when they create their ads. Additionally, users will get real-time feedback on how effective their ads are, with scores ranging from “Poor” to “Excellent,” as well as an optimization score with helpful advice.

New audience insights

The insights page now allows Discovery advertisers to identify which audience segments might have the largest impact. Asset reporting is a tool that advertisers can use to view performance across all Discovery commercials. Users can evaluate the effectiveness of various assets and choose which ones to disable, switch, or alter. Additionally, advertisers can utilize optimal targeting to evaluate data on keywords and landing pages to identify populations that can support the objectives of their campaigns.

Enhanced campaign management

There is a new audience builder advertisers can use to create and reuse audiences across campaigns. Users can also use the Google Ads Editor as well as API to manage campaigns


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