Google updates search result snippets for queries with quotes

Google updates: Now that term will be highlighted in the snippet whenever it comes on the website, according to Google.

Google has made changes to the search result snippets it displays for inquiries with quotations. According to the company’s announcement, Google will now indicate in the search result snippet where that precise term may be found on the page.

Google Updates On Search Result

What this means – According to Google, if you typed in “google search,” the snippet would display the locations of those same words

Previously – The quoted search term is not always displayed in the Google Search result snippet, according to Google, “because sometimes the cited information exists in regions of a document that don’t lend themselves to making helpful snippets,” Google stated. For instance, a word or phrase might be present as a menu item on a page where you can access the site’s many sections. Such portions might not result in a snippet that produces a readily accessible description, according to Google.

Why the change – This modification was implemented, according to Google, in response to input from users who conduct quoted searches. Google noted, “We’ve heard feedback that people doing quoted searches enjoy seeing where the quoted material occurs on a page, rather than a general description of the page. Our upgrade is intended to help with this.

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More advice – Then, Google provided more guidance on how quotations function in Google Search and how this may affect your search results.

Why we care. Google clarified to Search Engine Land that this isn’t a ranking adjustment, but rather a change to the way specific searches—searches that include quotes—will appear on the user interface of Google Search. This might affect how often people click through from Google search results, but it won’t affect where you rank for those kinds of inquiries.

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